L3 Diploma in Peri Operative Support Assist in Receiving, Handling and Dispatching Clinical Specimens


|Unit                                       |Assist in receiving, handling and dispatching clinical specimens.                                                 |
|456                                         |                                                                                                                   |
|PSC0100                                     |Learners Name: James Sullivan                                                                                     |
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|                                           |Date Completed…………………………                                                                                           |

City & Guilds – Level 3 Diploma in Perioperative Support work book

Outcome 1

Understand how health and safety measures are implemented when receiving, handling and dispatching clinical specimens.

Outcome 1.1

Explain how the standard precautions for infection control apply when receiving, handling and dispatching specimens.

Collecting, handling and labelling specimens

As well as the standard precautions, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has a written policy (IC14 Version 4) for Clinical Specimen (Infection Prevention and Control Precautions) regarding the collection and transportation of laboratory specimens.

Standard precautions for collecting, handling and labelling specimens state you should:

    • Be trained to handle specimens safely

    • Collect samples (wearing protective clothing) in an appropriate sterile and properly sealed container

    • Complete form using patient labels (where available) and check that all relevant information is included

    • Take care not to contaminate the outside of the container and the request forms

    • Ensure that specimens are transported in accordance with the Safe...