L3 Unit 5 (Cyp Core 3.5) Workbook

UNIT 5 (CYP Core 3.5)

Develop Positive Relationships with
Children, Young People and Others
Involved in Their Care




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Activity 1
(1.1, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2)

a) Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important

It is important to build relationships as young people that live at The Warren may have had very damaging relationships in the past and this can affect their ability to trust, which makes it difficult for them to communicate in their present relationships. All young people need support and help to develop better relationships.

b) Explain how you build and maintain positive relationships with children and young people

To maintain positive relationships at work I would use effective communication and show respect. Listening to young peoples views and being considerate to their wishes will build trust and ensure that there can always be open and honest discussions. I would take the time to listen to others, including colleagues, family and other professionals to build the best possible incite into the young person so that I have the greatest amount of knowledge to aid in building the best possible relationship.

c) Evaluate how you effectively build relationships with children and young people

I as a senior member of staff at The Warren am allocated a young person to be their ‘Key worker’. As a keyworker I have the opportunity to work on a more one to one basis with my keychild, we would arrange to have regular meetings where we can have a private discussion session where we would talk about the needs of the young person, personal development, issues of concerns and any other topic that needs to be discussed. As a keyworker I would have the opportunity to work closely with professionals and family and be involved in all important meetings and decisions that involve the young person.
For young people that I do not...