Being a parent of an ADD/ADHD child is challenging even on a good day (   Samantha, I am here to help you learn and to understand what your child is going though and the things you can do to help her/him feel not so alone.   I myself am a mother of an ADHD child and struggled with it for a while because I felt like I was the reason he was that way. I want you to know that you are not alone; there are many parents that feel the same way. Life is harder to deal with not knowing what your child goes though on a daily base.   We will look into many ways to help you and your child on what you can do to make him/her feel confident.   I intend to give you the help you need to communicate with your child, make you and your child feel like you can overcome anything, and make your life a little less complicated.
To start with, you first want   to take time out of each day for your self, this will help you and your child communicate better, to talk about homework, day to day stuff, and any issues that your child is having. You can anything that you like to do like reading, walking, talking to friends, sewing, or yard work just to name a few.   Raising a child who is ADHD is a full time job and then some. There are probably days when you think to yourself that nothing that you do is helping and that you are fighting a uphill battle ( By doing this each day you should be able to be more relaxed and can give your child a positive environment. With having this in place your child will be able to relax and feel less stressed.
Next you will want to help your child feel like he/she can overcome anything. To do this, first you should let your child know how much you love them and will support him/her with anything that want to do. Let your child know that you will together get though the good and bad times. During a development process, one of the best ways to build confidence is to regularly monitor process....