ADHD is not like a physical injury or soar throat. ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder) is not a physical implication which can be identified in a lab or x ray machine, but can only be identified through certain characteristics which may vary from person to person. ADHD is different characteristics in ones behavior which last over a period of time. Therefore three different categories were identified to describe these different Characteristics.
1. Inattention
2. Hyperactivity
3. Impulsivity.
Inattention – Individuals who are categorized with inattention are said to have a hard time keeping their mind on any one thing. This may lead to boredom over a period of time. Although they may give the opposite reaction to activities which they enjoy. Focusing on a specific task and trying to complete that task may be difficult. For example: An individual who found it frustrating and agonizing to do homework. She often forgot to plan ahead by writing the assignment down in a result the individual found It difficult to complete the task. And when trying to complete task the individual would day dream / drift off to something else. Therefore the end results were below the standard of what it could have potentially been.

Hyperactivity - Hyperactivity reflect on individuals who are always in motion. For example not being able to sit still Or may also be a verbal issue where not being able to stop talking. Therefore during class hours sitting still or not being able to communicate can be an impossible task. Even small things like wiggling their feet, touching everything in their environment or tapping their pencil on desk. When it comes to teens and adolescents the individual may feel restless during the day.   This may include being fidgety or may try and do several things at once, (moving from one activity to the next).

Impulsivity - Individuals who   show to be overly impulsive are unable to understand their immediate reactions or think before they act....