Opposing Viewpoints Essay
Proposal due February 7, 2016 by 11:55pm
First draft due February 14, 2016 by 11:55pm
Final essay due February 28, 2016 by 11:55pm

For this essay, students will research a topic on the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database ( in order to learn about the various sides of an issue.   Each student may select a topic of his/her choosing; however, the topic must be an issue that is debatable/controversial and has more than one point of view.   Some example topics are: Should people/children be required to receive vaccines? Should hydraulic fracturing (i.e., “fracking”) be allowed or banned in the USA?   Is the creation and use of a savior sibling ethical?   Notice that the words in italics are the topics and they are embedded within the research question.   First, choose a topic of interest.   Often these topics exist in the form of pro/con, which one side is in support and the other is in opposition.   You may want to browse the Opposing Viewpoint in Context database in order to become familiar with existing issues.   Then, thoroughly research the topic you have chosen in order to become familiar with the controversies surrounding the topic.   Last, form a research question that will guide your essay.  

The following is a breakdown of the components within this assignment:

  1. Proposal: Choose a topic and research the various issues/stances surrounding it on the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.   Become familiar with existing conversations about the topic and what experts are saying about it.   Then, write a one-page topic proposal including: 1) the topic, 2) at least 2 contrasting points of view, 3) a brief explanation for why this particular subject is relevant and significant to society at large, and 4) a Works Cited/Reference list of possible sources.   The proposal is due on Moodle by 11:55pm on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

  2. First draft: Write first draft of essay....