Addiction to Internet

Addiction to the Internet
Have you ever caught anyone on the computer, then within a few hours later they are at the same spot? The internet grew throughout the years and is available as a search engine, for entertainment, education, news, shopping etc. It is also free and has easy access, especially at home and at school, and it is helpful for students, so they can type up their essays and look up information for research papers. The internet is now becoming an addiction as it starts being hazardous to one’s health, time consuming and appealing to the eye.
By constantly using the internet it becomes unhealthy to one’s body. At an early age, sitting down and continuously staring at on LCD screen is dangerous to the eyes. For example, when one uses the internet to play games and socializes with friends, it damages their eyes because it worsens their vision. It can also be unhealthy for the body. For instance, it is known everywhere that everyone needs at least 60 minutes of play/exercise, and if no minutes are being played, the metabolism of one can be lowered and weight will be increased by sitting there for hours on the computer/internet. Being addicted to the internet is an unhealthy habit for one’s health.
Next, the social network expanded greatly with hundreds of users entering the social network each day. As they continue and get more familiar with the site, the more time will be spent on it. For example, Twitter is accessed through the internet, and given the option to be connected to cell phones. When it is accessed on the internet users are aimlessly determined to “tweet” nonsense information about what they are doing, where they’re currently at and refreshing the page persistently to read other users’ tweet.   Besides the fact of being on the internet, it is a massive distraction to students, because they will be tempted to do log onto their account and start socializing with their friends. It’s a side tracker and minimizes the time for them to do...