Feodora Mamaliga
Professor Iancu
26 January 2010
Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)
The social impact of the Internet in man’s life
1     The Internet has become a great benefit for our society, but it would be neglectful to dismiss its two-pronged effect on the world population. One the one hand the Internet is very positive in the sense that it keeps the world informed and updated, but one the other hand it has evolved into a very harmful and detrimental entertainment for adolescents who spend many hours in front of a computer in cyber cafe or at their own homes.
2     The Internet and mobile technology are increasingly important to the educational and social lives of children, and are becoming a part of children’s identity. With the advent of broadband and mobile access to the Internet giving young people access to the Internet any place and at any time, and thus 24/7 entertainment, interaction and communication, there is a real risk that children can become so immersed in their online world that it can seem to take over their lives. It is easy to see why some children and young people love spending many hours pursuing their interests, playing games, finding information and communicating with friends (and strangers) online. However, when this use becomes obsessive and at the expense of other aspects of a young person’s life, this use of the Internet could be problematic and could even be classified as Internet addiction.
3       Socially speaking, the Internet has created a destructive addiction, especially in adolescents. In Argentina, the use of Internet is not regulated. Anyone can invest money and set up a cyber cafe. Adolescents take advantage of this fact to surf the net with no restrictions. They surf pornographic pages and chat with people they do not even know and who will probably never meet in the real world in the famous chat rooms. They also use Internet to play games on line which are highly addictive and violent.
4       However,...