Life on Earth over the Years
Ala Z. Shbib
WRI 102: Reading Across Currclm
Zofia Reid
American University of Sharjah
May 3th, 2010

I pledge that this is entirely my own work


God has created earth for mankind to build and live together in their home harmoniously, peacefully and innovatively. Human beings are social creature and cannot live in isolation, so they lived in groups that have developed their lifestyle over ages and years. As well, group-working ended up with tremendous advancements especially over the past 200 years.  However, could man maintain his home “the Earth” good in terms of environment? And has he maintained healthy social values during the developmental process? Good and bad is a relative measurement as what can be seen positive by some group or individuals could be considered bad or negative by the other. Global warming that has resulted from increase of gas emission and social values that were impacted by the materialistic and vast technological lifestyle are issues that were subject to strong debates in the world. 
Global warming is known as an increase in the average temperature of the Earth and seen by some scientists as a positive environmental change that does not negatively impact human and animal life. Health related issues such as the spread of diseases and malnutrition due to global warming were defied by some scientists. They believe that relating an upsurge in disease and early mortality stemming from climate change is baseless and exaggerated. They argued that diseases that cause death such as malaria, dysentery, and tuberculosis are mostly founded in the places where there is poverty and bad governments. Thomas Gale Moore (2002) elaborated his view point relating deaths to poverty rather than to global warming happened in 1996 saying: “Another 17 million, most of them in poor countries, succumbed in the same year to disorders caused by infections or parasites, such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, measles, and...