New Media

New Media- Advantages and Disadvantages to Students.

  In the era of globalization, many sophisticated devices are being invented such as iPod, 3G, high technology mobile phones and so on to make our life easier and comfortable. All the devices that are newly invented in the later part of the 20th Century are called new media. According to Wikipedia, new media is a board term in Media Studies that shows up in the later part of the 20th Century to include the combination of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word with the interactive power of computer and communication technology, computer – enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet. New media is very useful to human beings nowadays, especially to students who are learners attending an educational institutions. New media brings many advantages and disadvantages to students.

  Many students like to use new media to do their work. They can download much information for their project work. They can find the information they want in the Internet such as Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that has combined the internet with accessible digital text, pictures and video with web- links. There are unlimited sources of information for the use of students as the information is at their fingertips. Besides that, students can access to internet any time and at any place they like as they can use wireless or Wi-Fi in their own laptop or mobile phone. The sophisticated devices help students to find the information their want just by typing the words or phrases on the keyboard. They also can exchange their information with their friends through e- mailing where they can share the useful information with their friends.   Through new media, students can save a lot of time in searching for the information. They can narrow down the search online just by typing the relevant key word that they want to find the information.

  Besides that, students can communicate through social...