Club It Part 1

Club It

Club IT is a nightclub that occupies about 6,000 square feet. It is a large facility. Club IT has recently been extensively renovated; it also has a dance floor that is 600 square feet. Club IT is located in the middle of the facility. There are high ceilings and high energy lighting. The club offers seating for 220 people, with   a bar along one wall, and booths around the others walls. There are many tables placed in the middle around the dance floor. Club IT has a kitchen for serving appetizers and short orders, with also a bar that has four pour stations.
Club IT is owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, which they both graduated with degrees in business in 2000. They worked in the music industry as a way to support themselves during college. Lisa played the jazz violin and Ruben played the drums. This gave them experience concerning nightclubs, along with their business principles learned from studies.

Club IT offers a wide variety of music. Their main focus groups are hip-hop, techno, electronica, mp3, and live. Every month there is a different genre of featured acts. These different acts include local bands, world DJ’s, NYC bands, open mike, country, San Francisco bands, alternative, R & B, hip hop, Latin, jazz, and folk.
The club also offers a select variety of food and beverages to the customers. The food is mainly appetizers which consist of veggies, hot dogs, pizza pockets, chicken, and beef. A person may also enjoy some wine, alcohol, coffee, or water. This allows different individuals to find something they like.
Club IT offers special club merchandise. There are shirts, hats, mugs, and shot glasses. They all have the Club IT logo. Items are very reasonably priced. Club members receive a 10% discount. This is helpful for making a community for the members and advertising to others.
There is a large staff available to help customers be happy and comfortable. There is one assistant manager. There are four bartenders. The wait staff...