A Retelling of Pandora & Her Box

I cannot begin this tale “Once upon a time...”; nor will it end with a happily ever after. This is not that kind of story. This story tells the tale of everything and everything did not begin once upon a time. To explain creation we must journey before time, this universe, before anything, before the beginning itself. This story starts when the universe was being imagined. Instead of “once upon a time,” our story begins “Before there was anything, there was nothing.” and instead of “...happily ever after.” it ends with “...raining her endless supply of tears.”

Before there was anything, there was nothing. Picture plain white, over and over, with no floor, no ceiling, and no end. Just a long expanse of static that never fades. Pure blankness, that was nothing. The middle of nothing housed several beings. They were not gods, for even those did not exist yet. I refer to them as the creators, because that is what they did, create us. However, none of these words of definition existed. The beings just were. They existed as themselves for there was nobody and had never been anybody else. How they became forever remains a mystery, long lost to time.

The creators stood in the middle of nothing, just stood, and stood. Time did not exist, though if it did, the amount they simply stood in nothing would have been uncountable. Eventually, the creators grew tired of the redundancy surrounding them and began to give it shape. In their hands, a sculpture formed. This was not our planet, nor any other planet we have ever come across. It wasn’t even a planet, the creation was just a mass, simple as that. They molded a mass of shapes and covered it with as much beauty and color, as they could. This sphere was their art project.

Content with their eventual creation, the creators gazed upon their work, so vivid in their stark world. The nothing sculpture hovered in the nothingness and they loved it. When you have never seen anything, beauty is the most wondrous thing you...