When You Realize Something Has Finally Gone Too Far

As Jordyn sat gazing out the Jeep’s tinted passenger window, her surroundings were familiar. A route that had been driven for nearly five years. Watching the road through her misty eyes, quickly come close to an end, began an unexplainable sensation in her stomach. She began counting down the exits, dreading the time she would read Deer Valley on the large green sign. A million butterflies had all at once, been breathed in and trapped inside her body. They were flying around in every direction possible, fluttering against the walls of her stomach, trying to escape through an exit that did not exist. Then, like raindrops falling from an angry sky, her hazel eyes began to pour. She had arrived.
Still sitting there on the gray, fabric seat Jordyn hoped that she was merely dreaming. But no, it was reality. Slowly she reached her right arm across her body, released her seatbelt and opened the door; she then placed her two bare feet on the rocky gravel beneath her and stood up. Her legs, quivering in fear, created great difficulty in standing. Jordyn glanced back at the driver seated in the car for a nod of approval. The driver smiled and attempted to encourage his young daughter although he too knew, there was no point.
She stumbled, tripping over her own feet walking to the large glass doors. They were covered in a dark black film to keep the “outsiders” from seeing in. Her small shaking hand reached for the bright red handle and slowly opened the door with great trepidation. She stepped into the building and continued making her way through the lobby. The lobby was full of spectators; parents that somehow enjoyed seeing their children suffer. They claimed to be there for support but the athletes only felt more pressured by their presense. Jordyn then pushed the brown swimging door open. It was like she opend Pandora’s Box but instead of the evil escaping, itenveloped her- now she was a prisoner.   For the next five hours Jordyn knew that she must follow orders...