A Report on How the Social and Environmental Issues Affect the Marketing Activity of Small Chain Coffee Shop in the Uk.

Drinking coffee is a daily routine for many peoples in the UK. Managing coffee shop must concern many stakeholders. Stakeholders is ‘are individuals, groups or organisations with an interest in, or who are affected by, what the organisation does’ (Boddy, D. 2008)
Therefore, social and environmental issue in society might affect the coffee shop management. Fair trade can be the aspect of social issue. Fair trade is ‘the policy of benefiting producers in developing countries by buying such commodities as rice and coffee directly from them at a guaranteed price.’ (Oxford University Press, 2006). Changing population age group might also affected by marketing coffee shop (Mintel, 2008).
Moreover, it is generally agreed that ‘marketing mix’ (Boddy,D. 2008) is essential thing to manage a business. Marketing mix defined as:
‘The mix of decision about product features, prices, communications and distribution of products used by the marketing manager to position products competitively within the minds of consumer.’ (Boddy, D. 2008).
This report will focus on effects of social and environmental issue and discuss the influence whether should change marketing mix or not.

Nowadays, quality of food is important thing for consumers. According to Mintel (2007), a third of consumers think natural food worth paying more to get product whose quality is better than cheaper one. Moreover, it will expect that the number of wealthy people in the UK will still rise in near future (Mintel, 2007) thus it can be said that managing coffee shop should concern quality of coffee beans, water, milk, etc.
Furthermore, according to Mintel (2008), the number of people who prefer to drink ‘Roast & ground coffee’ slightly increases from 14% in 2003 to 18% in 2007. It could be said that more people concern the taste to drink the coffee even though it cost more than instant coffee.

Row price is attractive point for all consumers, although, some people think...