Environmental Issues

Environmental issues that are interesting and important to me!

If everyone could learn to conserve energy and be nice to our environment

and use some of our old technology in new way’s, we could maybe delay the

depletion of our planet. Start with protecting our dwindling forests, for as long as I

can remember, in Sweden when they cut down tree’s they have to replace them with

a seedling, so that the forest will grow back.

I was born and raised in Sweden, were we are taught to respect and protect

our environment. As little children we learned how to survive in the woods with only a

pocket knife, fish line, and a rope. The house we lived in during summer and winter

holidays was warmed by a wood burning stove in the kitchen, finally in the summer

1971 my grandfather installed cold running water in the kitchen, so that we did not

have to carry the water in from the well, or snow to melt in the winter.

In the beginning of this year (2010) a Swedish company started to use

human body heat to heat an office building in Stockholm. They are using an old

technology in a new way, with pipes, water, and pumps they capture the body heat

from the daily commuters through the ventilation system, at the Grand Central

Station in Stockholm, Sweden. The energy are used to heat water that are pumped

through pipes to the office building in order to heat it up.


There are a growing need for renewable energy as a replacement for costly

and hard to maintain fossil fuels, that causes pollution and aid to the global warming.

Seeing that the cost of installing this system to capture body heat and turn it in to

energy is fairly low, it is more than likely that it will be coming to this country soon.

Combining solar energy, body heat, and geothermal energy will save us a lot

of money in the long run and be very beneficial for our environment.