Environmental Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry

Question 21 Danielle Strongman
There are many environmental issues facing the hospitality industry
Discuss the range of strategies AND/OR procedures available to work in an environmentally sustainable manner in the hospitality industry ***NEED STATISTICS!!!
Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW), is the main piece of NSW environmental legislation covering water, land, air, and noise pollution and waste management. Hospitality industry workers must be compliant to the rules set by legislation to work in an environmentally sustainable manner, because prosecution and penalties may result in breaking the law.  
Hospitality organisations generate enormous energy requirements thus having a negative impact on the environment. Efficient energy use is achieved by means of a more efficient technology or course of action rather than by changes in individual behaviours. Establishments can become more efficient by implementing various strategies and procedures for Example; fitting energy saver lights, maximising the natural light by considering various ergonomic designs that best suit the building. Install a sensor driven automatic building management strategy to regulate temperatures throughout the establishment. Adopt alternative energy source i.e. solar energy through solar panels. Ensuring large generators to smaller electrical appliances are kept in good working condition to minimise their need for minimising energy consumption, and also educating employees and guest on energy minimising techniques.
The hospitality businesses produce a range of waste material, in very large quantities. The industry must decrease the amount of waste entering landfills and increase the amount of waste that can be recycled. Establishments within this industry can implement strategy schemes like the Waste management Hierarchy where it goes through the steps of avoidance, Re-use, Recycle, Dispose. To contribute to the overarching goal minimising waste...