Social Work Practice Issues

Research Proposal


A research proposal is a plan written by someone undertaking research in describing the details of a proposed investigation. It outlines the entire research process and provides a summary of the information discussed in the proposal (Walliman 2001). Further, Grix (2010) highlights that basically, a research idea or hypotoses is presented and with rational and realistic ways of how the problem may be resolved. It seeks to analyse, compare and contrast existing research on an identified issue and forecasts the researcher’s plan for a new perspective, based on reviewing literature and identifying any gaps in knowledge or issues, which would provide a public update or new insight. It should further be noted that there is no single correct approach or enquiry in researching an idea. However, a reliable framework must be reflected in carrying out the research, engaging quality background literature and academic research methods (Wisker, 2009).

Research shows that there are some marginalisation of older people who suffer dementia in terms of decision-making processes regarding their welfare and well-being and even being socially excluded from activities or events, in a residential setting. Therefore, it is essential to test and address the social model of disability and the ways in which it lacks or provide empowerment for those experiencing dementia. Additionally, disability theory is of paramount importance in carrying out this research. It should also be equated with the global perspective of disability and analysed where it has moved from a medical model and associated problems to the oppressive and disabling effects of society’s approach to people who have dementia. I will therefore pose a research question, “Dementia as a disability: does current care model marginalise sufferers in residential homes?”

Literature review

Forbat and Wilkinson (2008) identified that there are several research studies seeking to analyse the...