Flowers of Algernon Alternative Ending

Alternative Ending
Flowers of Algernon

Charlie’s intelligence had been increasing day by day and on some occasions it seemed as though his mind would burst. Dr. Strauss and Professor Nemur saw this as a great success but as time grew on they saw changes in Charlie’s Personality. He was more aggressive and emotional, he would react to the most minor of cases irrationally at times.
Charlie and Alice’s relationship had grown stronger over the time they spent with each. They had intimate moments were they would express their love for each other although not said verbally. Charlie used Alice as his safe haven a place where he could come for comfort, support and advice. There were days where Charlie would become angry and have a ball with Alice but he was soon to realise his mistake and apologise.
Charlie was the smartest man in the world and had won many Nobel Prize awards for new discoveries and cures. He showed his smartness to the world proudly but sometimes he was too smart and could not hold conversations long with people. He had so much of intelligence that some had started to envy him and wished to be in his place. With this increasing intelligence came with many new feelings which became difficult for Charlie to comprehend. Because Charlie could not comprehend these feelings he had chosen a part of aggression to relieve himself from even of it didn’t work all the time.
With Charlie’s smartness he regained a lot of his memory back from his childhood and how he was brought up. He wanted to relive some of those memories with his parents and his sister but not as a retard but as a person that they would be proud of. His curiosity got the best of him and so he took the papers which showed the whereabouts of his family and he left to meet them.
When he went in search of his family Charlie found out that his parents had divorced and that his sister and mother where long gone and nowhere to be found. Charlie found his dad working in a barber shop and...