A Quite Brother

A Quiet Brother
When I was young all I ever wanted was to be like my brother. Anything he could do I was determined to do and be better than him. I wanted to wear his style of clothing, play the videogames he did, blow past a defender for a touch down just like him. When he played a sport I did to, he changed his hairstyle I was in the chair beside him at the barbershop, always in his shadow quietly fighting for any slight recognition of his attention has seem to always been my motivation. No one could tell me that my brother was not the coolest person ever, and I wanted to be just like him.
My brother and I never spoke to each other often; everything was really spoken by actions or the lack of. With him being several years older than me we didn’t have much to relate on, the few things we did have a common ground on I did everything to my best ability in hopes of impressing big bro. Looking back to the years of elementary I did my best to show off whatever skills I had learned. I would recite my alphabet, times tables, or even a new interesting fact I had learned in hope of him hearing me and replying with a good job or your doing great. There were times when I was positive he would praise my hard work but was only awarded a nod and keep doing what you’re supposed to do. To me all that meant was trying harder, and everyday that I did.
As I got older I wasn’t a natural at anything, everything I did I had to work at, nothing came easy for me unlike my brother who seemed like he was born to do anything. Honestly he was the most versatile person I knew and I studied every move he made. The way I saw it was if I didn’t do it like him I wasn’t doing it right and I lived by that. When it came to sports I did overtime because I knew I needed the extra practice. Grades were the same situation extra study time because everything seemed that much more difficult for some reason. Still watching my brother exceed in so much gave me hope. The thought of letting my brother...