Developing a Characrer - Blood Brothers

Developing a Character

At the age of seven, Mickey is very excitable, the first time we see him is when he is hammering the door. He is a very friendly child and is immediately friends with his blood brother Edward. He has many friends and mixes well with anyone who treats him with respect. He is jealous of Sammy because Sammy is older and can do more things than Mickey can. At the age of 14, Mickey has become a little withdrawn, he is very shy around girls especially Linda. He is very conscious about his apperence, which we see when he and Edward meet up again. Edward is the exact opposite of Mickey, he knows what to say around girls and is quiet confident. Mickey wants to go out with Linda but is too embarrassed to ask her out especially when Linda keeps telling him that she loves him.
Among the years between 14 and 17 these where the best time of Mickey’s life. He spent most of his time playing with Edward and Linda. By the time Mickey is 18 we began to see a difference in Mickey’s emotions they began to change when he leaves school early and goes into a dead end job that he absolutely hates. This is contrasting with his happiness and has the courage to ask Linda out. This is followed by Linda getting pregnant, due to the lack of income Mickey ask his mum “Mrs Johnson” if they can both stay at her house. This shows that there is a loving relationship between Mrs Johnson and Mickey. The happiness of the wedding has gone bad because Mickey has become redundant. He begins his downward spiral of depression as he look for another job. This is a contrast between Mickey’s emotional states compared to how he had been when he was seven. Another example is shown when Mickey and Edward meet at Christmas. Edward has stayed the same while Mickey has just become jobless, grown up, matured and seen what the world is really like. He is jealous of what Edward has achieved; Edward talks about his mates in university and how much fun he is having. This sense of...