Quit Smoking Case Study

Case Study for Miss K


Miss K came for therapy wanting to quit smoking. She was a heavy smoker and had been for many years. She was aware that I was a an unqualified therapist and that she was volunteering as one of three case studies I needed to complete, in order to become a qualified Hypnotherapist. The treatment consisted of one session and although she did not achieve her goal of becoming a non-smoker at the end of it, she had greatly reduced her smoking and said she was very happy indeed with this as a result.

Initial Consultation

Miss K is a heavy smoker and desperately wishes to quit. She is a 49-year-old company secretary that works from home, who is happily married to her husband, and has two children, 26 and 23.  
She has smoked for 38 years and averages 30 – 40 cigarettes per day. She now has a smoker’s cough, whilst also being in desperate need to have extensive dental work carried out, but has been advised that this will not be possible all the while she is still smoking. Her gums have receded and the jawbone is deteriorating. This will continue all the while that she persists in smoking. Unfortunately, it is irreversible but further damage will be avoided if she quits smoking. Her Long-term plan is to pay to have permanent false teeth screwed into her jaw. The financial aspect of this is not a problem. She also told me that she wants to regain control of her life and make better use of her time.
She originally started smoking to impress her peers, as she believed smoking to be a very grown up and glamorous thing to do at the age of 11. During her life as a smoker, she has attempted to quit approximately 20 times. She has tried group therapy, the drug “Zyban” and willpower. On one occasion, she managed to “give up” for 6 weeks but found it completely torturous and gave in.
Miss K smokes from the time she gets up in the morning, before she has even been to the bathroom, to the time she goes to bed. She has even begun waking...