O Brother Where Art Thou & the Oddyssey

O Brother Where Art Thou & The Odyssey
    O’l Brother Where Art Thou by the Coen Brothers and The Odyssey by Homer have similarities in their characters, plot, and themes. The characters in comparison are Everett Ulysses and Odysseus. They used their heads to get out of tight spots, talked to blind profits, were followed by loyal companions, went on an epic journey to return home, and are the main characters in their story. Both plots were based on events that the main character would have to go through in order to get back home to their families. Love and loyalty was the theme used in both stories as well. Both Everett and Odysseus had loyal people surrounding them on their quests and to get back home to their loved ones.
    The main character of O Brother Where Art Thou is Everett Ulysses. It is widely known that Ulysses is the Roman name version of Odysseus. In the beginning we are introduced to two other characters besides Everett. These two people are named Pete and Delmar. They help him on his quest to find the treasure in a time period of four days before the land floods. Odysseus, the main character in The Odyssey, was in charge of his crew that follows him on his quest to get back home to Ithaca. Everett and Odysseus both used their heads, their intelligence, to get them out of situations instead of acting rashly and getting into something to quickly. Both of them were challenged by their religious beliefs, Everett with the acceptance of the concept that God is real and can help save him from his sins and wash them away, and Odysseus challenged his gods saying that he didn’t need them and he was all powerful without him and he Odysseus was unstoppable and the gods could not compete with him. The fact that they thought they didn’t need their version of religion made it so they were challenged by it and had to go through inner conflict with themselves to come to understand the importance of religion. Their sense of treasure was different...