A New Life in a Week

Prompt: Our relationships with others define who we are.

A day to be forgotten

Sunday,September 3rd, 2000

I wake up in excitement, today was a special day, not a special day for myself like my birthday, but a day that brings a smile to my face, Father's day. You see Father's day is a big day, this is because my parents are divorced, and so I live with my mum, this means I hardly see my dad. But today is different, I get to go over to his house and spend the whole day with him. I can't wait to see him, I've been excited the last two days. You see at my primary school, every year, before Father's or Mother's day, we get to create cards for them and the school also arranges a little stall for us kids to buy gifts for our dads.

# “Good morning 5D,” my class room teacher Ms Danielle said as she walked into the class room with a smile on her face. “We have a lot to do day.” She walks to her desk and starts the role, as she goes though I start thinking to myself, what can I do on my Father's day card?“Jessica.”
“Here,” she puts her hand up, people seem to do that during the role, like a signal of attention so the teacher knows your here.
“Here,” I said, I also raise my hand. She continues with the role and finishes. The teacher stands up and walks to the front of the class room.
“Ok class, this morning we are going to make Father's day cards”

From under her desk she brings up countless amounts of papers, all different colours, for our cards. There was so many to choose from, red, blue, orange, I kept going through them, then came across a light green sheet, this was my dad’s favourite colour. I went back to my table and poured out the coloured pencils from its box in front of me. I choose all the green pencils. I didn't know what to write on the card, I don't just want to say "Happy Father's Day." I start with folding my piece of paper, I fold it half way, making sure it’s completely even, I turn the paper around and fold it half way again,...