A Moral Imperative on Public Educatioin

A Moral Imperative on Public Education

              Free and comprehensive public education is a right of each and every child and is paramount for the advancement of a democratic society in all situations. For a free and democratic society, education is a moral imperative where children are natured to fully exploit their God given talents. A moral imperative towards education will provide for institutions to be self compelled toward offering the best professional ethics and engage pro actively towards a better society (Gordon, 2010). Failure to adhere to moral law in education will defeat the aim of education in building a proper society and completely contrary to law.

              To effectively look into feasible innovation of the American education system and related moral dimensions sufficient for these improvements in education, a week long forum was attended by dignitaries in the education sector among them, Gordon Gee. He is President of the Ohio State University; vast experience in the education sector makes him a well respected individual. This forum ran from the 1st to the 5th of August 2010 at Chautauqua (Gordon, 2010). This forum was attended by administrators from both the public and private institutions.

              Dr. Gordon talks of the challenges he experiences as President of the Ohio State University which are quite dynamic with each challenge posing a completely different approach from students, parents, fellow administrators and the community at large. Being a distinguished his suggestions are taken to be practical and offer a positive outcome to the improvement of education. His contribution on the theme of the lecture Public Education: A Moral Imperative, requires an open mind ready for suggestions and informed decision making for comprehensive nurturing of   talents in young individuals in school (Gordon, 2010). To promote the improvement of education in America needs for clear professional ethics from all people concerned...