Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Outline

Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Outline
Team A
University of Phoenix
MGT 448 Global Business Strategies
May 17, 2011

Trends are a way of life.   One trend which is becoming a mainstay is to eat healthier.   Fried foods are now being frowned upon and the alternative is to grill. Grilling foods is a better choice because it cuts most of the grease one would get from frying.   While the message is spreading fast over in the United States, the objective should be to take the message around the world to countries like China. Chinese food is normally fried in oils that are considered to be healthier than the oils used by most. The suggestion being offered in this paper is that grilling foods using the grills offered by Weber-Stephen Co. will be the better way to go.   This paper will include a global; regional; country; and product analysis that will justify taking the Weber grills to China.
Country Analysis
Based on analysis from the US-China Business Council and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, in China, China is currently seen a serious contender in the global economic market (2006). More exports than imports are being noted than in the past. America is no longer seen by China as a crucial market. China is looking increasingly towards Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Asia for trade. Even in these countries, American competition is still a force to contend with, as China is discovering.
Trade barriers are still in place in some areas as well as public demand (domestic) and economic fluctuations of currency. The recent weakened state of the US dollar has made it cheaper to buy while the strengthening of the Chinese Yuan makes Chinese exports more expensive. One US Dollar equals seven Chinese Yuan (Bradsher, 2007). Per Bloomberg Press web site (2011), China has become the second largest U.S trading partner following Canada. However, the gap created by China’s expanding trade present a political and economic problem for the US and other...