Christianity Depth Study

HSC Syllabus Notes – Religious Traditions Depth Study: Christianity
9.3 – Christianity Depth Study
1. explain the contribution to the development and expression of Christianity of ONE significant person OR school of thought, other than Jesus, drawn from: – Pope John XXIII Pope John XXII set in motion ideas and forces that affected the development and expression of the Christian faith expanding and changing for all Christians. Pope John's revival and re-birthing of the Ecumenical Council, known as Vatican II (1962), provided the infrastructure for revolutionary changes/amendments to be made to the expression of Christianity which resulted in the digressed progression of the Christian faith. John's mission and vision has been described to “endow the Christian faith with a new Pentecost” which is embodied by Vatican II. The Vatican II is aimed to not only bring the Christendom into closer touch with the modern world, but also ending the division that has dissipated the Christian message for centuries. The ending of this division and unification of all Christian denominations was a primary objective of Vatican II and high ranking goal of Pope John's mission. In Vatican II this was known as “The Sources of Revelation” which attempted the shelve the Ottaviani document that emphasised the dissimilarities between all Christendom. John Paul XXIII furthermore contributed the to development of the Christian faith via the push for ecumenism with the use of propaganda and elimination of such ideologies as socialism and secularism separating the church. Thus we observe John Paul's influence and contribution to Christianity through the efforts of the revived Vatican II and driving force for the unification of Christian denominations. The Council would involve “a change in mentalities, ways of thinking and prejudices”. Pope Blessed John Paul XXII's calling of the Vatican II for 'pious discussion of the Virgin Mary' in 1961 led to the analysis of Church meta-ethics and the nature...