3-Day Challenge

The last day of the 3-Day-Challenge of the team. Climbing Mount Balungao - an extinct volcano.

The Province of Pangasinan offers Balungao Hilltop Adventure which has the longest ZipLine in Region I.

The Zipline starts from a hilltop, stretches through farms and patches of old trees and ends at a resort at the foot of Mt. Balungao. It is about 600 – meters ride from the top down to the resort which could last from 15 seconds to a minute depending on your weight and your position when you are suspended at the Zip Line.

Balungao Hilltop Adventure also offers ATV Riding, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trail Walking, Trust Fall, Hot and Cold Swimming Pools and soon they well be opening its Bungee Trampoline.

Info. about Mount Balungao-
The Mountain is an extinct volcano in which a spring of hot water flows endlessly. The sulfuric content of water contains medicinal properties that can cure many dermal and epidermal diseases. Mt. Balungao whose elevation is 382 meters above sea level is a favorite weekend destination of people because of its famed natural beauty. It was then as it is now, a much sought after hideaway by those seeking to flee the humdrum and ennui of daily life, free from the suffocating tensions and pressure and worries of living. The mountains wide swaths of evergreens, aged trees and palms or its slopes provide refreshing view of God's natural creation.
With the development of Mt. Balungao into a Hot & Cold Springs Resort, local products especially the "tuba" a wine made from palm tree and the native cake "tupig" which both gained prominence due to their distinctive tastes would be exposed to local and foreign tourists that would pave the way to a longer market.
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