Introduction to Counseling

Lois Grace-Gecsey 0488352
Intro to Professional Counseling
Thomas Edison State College
December 2011
Counseling Specialty
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    The client’s name is Tiffany. Tiffany admitted herself to the hospital because she was feeling in her words, depressed and afraid she would harm herself. I visited with her there to see if she would like to attend some counseling sessions with me. Tiffany was diagnosed with depression while in the short-term psychiatric wing of a local hospital. I offered to meet with her when she was stable and ready to be discharged from the hospital. She agreed and met with me four days later when she was released.                              
    Tiffany is nineteen years old and has just finished her freshman year in college. She is wondering if she will be able to continue with her education because according to her she was barely keeping up with the schoolwork in her first year.   Tiffany spoke about feeling depressed and having a lot of fears.
    Tiffany appeared to be well groomed, was pleasant and able to speak clearly and in a meaningful way about the difficulties she was experiencing. I asked Tiffany to tell me little bit about what is going on in her life now. Tiffany said that she really liked going to school and would be sad if she had to quit. She said she has a twin sister and two younger brothers. Her sister has one child and another on the way. She is on welfare and lives with Tiffany’s mother and her two younger brothers. Tiffany expressed again that she was hoping she could succeed in school because both her sister and her mother had gotten pregnant when they were young and they both ended up without the fathers being in their lives and on welfare.
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