2.10 Supporting Learning Activities

National occupational standards for supporting teaching and learning in schools

Level 2 Core/Mandatory Units

Provide support for learning activities

Who is this unit for?
This unit is for those who support the teacher in providing learning activities.

What is this unit about?
This unit is about the support provided to the teacher and pupils to ensure effective teaching and
learning. It involves agreeing with the teacher what you will do to support planned learning
activities, providing the agreed support and giving feedback to the teacher about how well the
activity went.
The learning activities may be for individual pupils, groups of pupils or the whole class. However
your contribution to supporting the learning activities is likely to involve you working only with
individuals or small groups. The learning activities may be delivered in the classroom or any setting
where teaching and learning takes place such as field studies, educational visits, extended hours
provision and study support arrangements.

This unit contains three elements:

Support the teacher in planning learning activities


Support the delivery of learning activities


Support the teacher in the evaluation of learning activities

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Place in qualifications
This unit is a mandatory unit in the level 2 NVQ/SVQ in supporting teaching and learning in
Origin of this unit
This unit is a revised version of unit 2-3 from the national occupational standards for teaching and
classroom assistants...