Assignment Unit 103, 104.2, 104.3 : Evaluation of Teaching & Learning Activities by Basit Abrar

City & Guilds 7407 Level 4 Certificate in Further Education
Teaching: Stage 1 (QTFE 1)

Assignment Unit 106.1, 106.2: Evaluation of Teaching & Learning Activities
By Basit Abrar

Question 10 – answer

The assessment method I used during my observed lesson was the formative assessment. The reason was that we were working through the Skills for Life curriculum, on a specified unit which was to do with work. I have been working on this unit for the past couple of days and was coming to the end of the unit. This assessment method I use most often, and I find it useful because it tells me how the students learning is proceeding, as well as how my teaching is progressing. Once the unit is complete then we will move to an end of unit summative assessment, with an end of unit test. This is useful because it shows me how much the learners have actually learned during the unit, where we need to improve on, and it prepares the learners for their exams.

Question 11 – answer

The reason why the formative assessment was used with this group was because it was the right assessment method to use in this unit. It is an ongoing assessment, to see how successful the learners have been learning, what was intended to be learnt.

Question 12 – answer

The assessment method I used did take account of the abilities and prior levels of achievement by the variety of methods I used in the class, such as question & answer techniques, discussions, working through Skills for Life workbooks, listening on the audio CD. By using all these assessments in the class it gave the lesson the flexibility, and helped the learners understand the unit more easily.

Question 13 – answer

The information that was gained from this assessment was to see how the process of teaching was measured by the learners understanding the components of the lesson. It also shows that the formative assessment helps both teaching and learning.

Question 14 – answer

The ways in which...