2.1 Child Development

Wednesday 30th May 2012
P.E Session

An outdoor P.E. session was planned for the afternoon for both Y3 classes.   Each class was to be taken outside individually as they would be too many pupils for it to be a safe lesson.   The lesson was based around athletics and the pupils would be doing four mini relays in four small teams competing against each other.   The type of equipment being used had to be safe ensuring no accidents happen.  
They first task that was to be over seen was the pupils getting changed into their P.E. kits.   This is done in the classroom making sure it was done quickly, quietly and safely.   Once changed the pupils lined up ready to go outside, doing this as quietly as possible due to others classes learning.   I was at the back of the line watching the pupils while to class teacher lead from the front.   This ensured all pupils could be watched.
Once outside the pupils was asked to run around the outside of the playground being sensible and doing it safely to warm up.   While they were doing this myself and the teacher set out the equipment.   We set up two set of hurdle of different sizes making sure they were placed the correct way around to ensure that they are safe for the pupils to jump over without getting injured if they knock them over.   The other two courses consisted of a line of cones with either a bean bag or rubber ring to be balanced on their heads.  
Once warmed up the pupils were split into four teams and pitched against each other over the courses with each group doing all four of the courses set out. Before starting the relays the teacher explained the correct and safe way to do them ensuring no one got hurt or injured.   After all the relays had been done the pupils was asked which out of the four they found the easiest to do and which was the hardest.   They all agreed the hurdles were the easiest but couldn’t choose between the other two as some found one harder than the other.
When the session had ended we then...