Child Development


Child Growth and Development

Infant Observation

17 February 2010


When I first entered the room, I saw twelve toddlers playing with each other or with toys. I am going to call the little girl I observed “A.”   She is almost a year old and A has a head full of beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. She cannot talk very good, but she does communicate better than the other children in the room.   A has no physical limitations.   A is very bright and a very happy baby.   A does not like it when the other children cry, it looks like she gets uncomfortable around them, and she usually moves to the other side of the room to get away from them. A loves to laugh and play with the caregivers in the room. I think, A loves attention.

When I first arrived at The Learning Center, a child care facility, I noticed that the doors were locked and would not open without a code to the box on the door.   I had to go to the main building to get someone to walk me over and open the door for me. I really did like the security that The Learning Center had, it would make me feel secure if I had a child there, and so I know that it put the parents at ease when leaving their own children there. The rooms at The Learning Center were small, but comfortable for the children.   The room had twelve little baby cribs arranged around the perimeter of the room, and in the middle of the room there was some toys that the children were acceptable to play with. There were two weird shaped tables to the side of the room and they had six round holes on the top of each table, which later I found out that they put little chairs down in the holes, so that the children could set in the chairs in the table for them to eat lunch, which was cool. There were twelve infants in this classroom, and there were two female caregivers.   One woman came forward and introduced herself as Jennifer Russell, the other was playing with one of the children and her name was Lauren Hahn. There was no...