Educational Resources for Early Years Child Development

The purpose of a baby mobile is to entertain and stimulate child development, their eyesight, and to help prevent the baby from having a flat head at the back. It is also a moving object for the baby to develop its hand and eye coordination whilst in its crib/cot.
Entertainment for children is my chosen the theme, with a brief of developing a toy or game within a fixed period of time. I have selected to make a mobile for babies up to the age of six months.
Sight at Birth

Mobiles are popular with babies because they dangle and move in intriguing circular motions. Babies focus their attention on mobiles, wondering whether the object in motion is alive, or whether it's moving because baby is making it move!   For the first three months a yung baby’s life the mobile should be hanging low (8 to 12 inches over the crib) so a baby can see it. After that it can be to raised, keeping it safely away from feet kicks and hand grabs.
By the time baby can touch the mobile it should be removed, to prevent choking on small parts or strangulation.
Child Development Stages
At birth, newborn infants have a natural preference for what is familiar. Human faces are of interest, though most infants will only focus on them briefly and fleetingly, and often on only one feature at a time. Infants can see movement, and they can also see colours except usually for blue. In fact, infants respond so well to colour that there may be times that it is the colour of an object that is the focus of an infant’s sight and the object itself is not actually recognised. However, vision at birth is very poor, so babies can only make out large, distinct sights and the rest remains a blur.
Sight by Two Months
An infant’s visual system develops in the first two months to the point that the baby will be able to focus on human faces for a greater amount of time, and will particularly focus on the faces of individuals who also speak to them. Babies by two months are also able to...