Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay
In this kind of essay, we not only give information but also present an argument with the PROS (supporting ideas) and CONS (opposing ideas) of an argumentative issue. We should clearly take our stand and write as if we are trying to persuade an opposing audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior. The primary objective is to persuade people to change beliefs that many of them do not want to change.Here is some example of argumentative that I wrote before.


Certain television programs are considered to be unsuitable for children. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion

Introductory Paragraph

Children love to watch television with their family and friends during free time. As far as our concern, television programs can be a wonderful educational medium that can generates children’s imagination and idea during their learning process. Unfortunately, there is some poor content that is not suitable for them because it doesn't provide them with any educational value. I absolutely agree that some children's television programs do more harm than good, especially when the program has violence, inappropriate language, nudity or sexual content.

Body Paragraph 1

Children’s television programs do more harm than good because it provides the violence contents. We forgot that children spent most of their time watching television at home. By coincidence, they watch the inappropriate programs without any of their parent concern. For example, the wrestling programs, ‘Smackdown’, show a few years ago were being tried in order to practice the movements they saw from the wrestlers in the show. As a result, there were victims at home after the shows on TV. Therefore, children should not be allowed to watch violent television programs because they are easily influence to it. This is because they are unable to compare between reality and fantasy and they will try to copy what they see on television.

Body Paragraph 2...