1.1 Explain What Your Roles and Responsibilities Would Be as a Teacher. What Boundaries Must You Be Aware of?


  1. Explain what your roles and responsibilities would be as a teacher. What boundaries must you be aware of?

  2. Identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your specialist area.

  3. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of students.

In my current role as an NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier, and as a Health & Safety Instructor I see my roles and responsibilities as being:-

    ➢ Designing and continually updating courses, stemming from understanding what the customer wants and how they operate.

    ➢ Record keeping for attendance, punctuality and retention (numbers on the course), achievements, exam / quiz results.

    ➢ Exploring and developing new more interesting ways to deliver the course content.

    ➢ Preparing and planning classes, and ensuring a safe learning environment (under H&S and duty of care) ie: light, space, temperature, room layout, facilities.

    ➢ Assessing the learning and also evaluating the effectiveness of the learning, and also monitoring learners’ progress to help with any updating of courses and to show feedback (positive and negative) has taken place.

    ➢ Marking of work / assignments and quality assurance as this will also impact on the success / failure of the learning.

    ➢ Entering learners for examinations and tests.

    ➢ Course general administration.

    ➢ At all times acting as a role model and keeping within the professional codes and guidelines.

However, maybe future instructing will take me to new areas and different types and age ranges of students. For this I can only think of one to add to the above:-

    ➢ Any pastoral care for the learners as required.

Boundaries to be aware of include:-

    ➢ Ensuring that I never became too familiar with the students otherwise this could compromise any professionalism or even lead to accusations of favouritism...