Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

Summarise what learning and teaching strategies you use in your own specialism.
      1.1 As the teacher I must ensure all learners gain the most from the learning taking place, consideration must be based on the particular learning style for each individual learner.   This can be done on the initial assessment to determine the various styles of learning.   It is said that people can be grouped into four styles of learning; visual, aural, read/write and kinaesthetic (VARK).
Not all learners fall into one style they may be multi-model, a mixture of two or more styles,
Differentiation is about using a range of different approaches and resources to meet the needs of the learners and groups.   This will include learners from diverse backgrounds, characteristics and different needs.   It is very rare that learners are all at the same level of ability and have the same needs.   You must take into account those who have been out of formal education or new to the country should not be exempt and there is no reason individualise, just take into account individual learners needs.   I can use various needs such as one to one, paired work and group work.
Differentiation can be defined as an approach to teaching and learning that both recognises the individuality of learners and also informs ways of planning for learning and teaching that take these individualities to achieving their own personal goals.

How do you make sure that your approaches to learning and teaching in your own specialist area meet the needs of the learner?
      1.2 As the teacher I have to make sure that the environment is appropriate for all the learners, I must ensure that I keep a progress record of each individual learner and reassess.   I can ask for feedback from the learner, how they learn and their learning styles.   Vary the variety of teaching styles; ask the learner to demonstrate what they have learnt in each lesson, using assessment, perhaps role play.   Use SWOT analysis and identify strengths and...