1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

In my role as trainer within the Youth Offending Service either within a Volunteer training setting or working with Young People, it would be my responsibility to ensure that I am effective and efficient in delivering the knowledge that was needed for them to actively practice in that particular volunteering role, they were wanted to be trained for.  

To enable me to do that I would need to constantly need to assess and develop the training I am doing with the training groups I am working with.

I would therefore follow the teaching and learning cycle which would enable me to reflect and develop the training I am delivering with Volunteers and Young People.

The teaching and learning cycle is a known structured framework which enables the trainer to effectively plan, deliver and assess their teaching or training of that particular group or individual.

Identifying Needs: I would first need to look at what that particular group or individual needed from the training, I would be delivering, looking at what the preferred learning style and method would be, what the individual/group hoped to gain from the training. As a trainer I would also look to see if there were any special needs or requirements that particular individual or group needed prior to the training and also look at the learner’s previous educational and life experiences whilst also looking at what the organisation they are representing needs the individual to learn to be able to fulfil this particular role.

To achieve this I would possibly get the learners and organisation to complete questionnaires or fill in a pre learning form as I have done previously whilst training as a volunteer and staff, so when planning my work this could be considered and implemented to cater as many volunteers in this particular process.

Planning and development: After identifying the needs of my learning group I am due to train, I would during this planning...