1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

Mark Watson 15/02/2016
  1. Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.

An effective teacher understands that teaching is more than just standing in front of a class and lecturing the learners.

The teacher has the responsibility to identify the learner’s needs, plan and design a suitable course and deliver it in a way which will help all learners want to learn.    
To make sure the learner understands what is being taught, the learner should be assessed throughout and at the end of the course.
To complete the cycle the teacher should evaluate the course delivered.

As a teacher it is important to make sure that the facility used for the training is appropriate and have adequate resources and equipment for the needs of the learner.

People have different learning styles which will need to be taken into consideration.   Using the acronym “SPICE” (taken from workbook) this will help us understand what influences the different learning needs.

Social – How learner interacts with others or how they view learning from previous experiences of education.
Physical - Can affect how a learner can access learning.
Intellectual - Learners will be at different skill levels and some will take longer than others to learn new skills.
Cultural - might affect learner’s views, values and beliefs.
Emotional - might affect learner’s motivation or ability to concentrate.

Once the learners needs have been identified the course can be designed and planned.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the course planned with clear aims and objectives and can be delivered within the allocated time given using any appropriate resources to help with each learner’s needs.

The course should start with an introduction and finish with a conclusion.

Once the course is planned it’s time to deliver.   When delivering a course the teacher should be professional and look to gain a mutual trust between the teacher and learner making...