1.1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

Understand the principles and requirements of assessment.
1.   Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development.
The purpose of assessment in learning and development is mainly to provide a measurable bar for the students progress.
Assessment is carried out through formative ( checks throughout the course), ipsative (to test against previous marks), and or summative (at the end of course)   activities to help the learner see their development whilst allowing the assessor to give valuable feedback when needed.

Its purpose is to measure the learners understanding of the subject against the anticipated outcomes set by the criteria.
For example, assessment provides a clear measurement and recording of achievement during a course that provides identification of individual achievement or learners needs. I have found that by creating quizzes on subjects that I teach, that I can collect formative evidence of learners understanding of a task prior to the assessment deadline which would help me intervene with extra help if needed.
A learners development is typically measured using formative or summative assessment that meets criteria in a fit-for-purpose assignment and that would reflect the required standards and assessment criteria in any given course.
The purpose is to monitor development via evidence that can be evaluated and and used as a benchmark throughout a course.
From an assessors point of view it is essential to ensure that assessment decisions are constantly reviewed and internally/externally verified   where possible so as to contribute to the awarding institutions quality assurance and on-going development of best practice.