You'Re Hired

Jingru Miao
Ms. Koyounian
Due: Friday, 9,may, 2008

You’re Hired: Best Foot Forward

It doesn’t matter how much money one has, but how one got that money. Whether it be through fraud and perjury, or truthfully. Best Foot Forward by Joan Bauer is a realistic novel on the problems of life from the point of views of the business world as well as the main character, Jenna Boller who is working at Gladstone Shoes. When people can let go of uncontrollable things, they may become more helpful to the society. When Jenna stopped worrying about alcoholic father, she was able to help her boss, Mrs. Gladstone, crack a case of fraud. Joan Bauer shows that what one gives to the society is enlarged when their focus is put on what is controllable by them. By being determined to let go of her father’s alcoholic issues so she could help her company, by being truthful to stand up to criminals, and understanding true quality within a person and an object, Jenna is able to grow and mature in the shoe business as well as life.
Some people have more determination than others. Sometimes it is natural, other times it is grown into. Jenna Boller’s father is an alcoholic. She had to turn him in to the police so that he does not kill others on the road.
  I [Jenna] kept thinking about how Dad was driving drunk, how I was in the car and had to stop him. ‘The thing is, I had to turn my dad in to the police. I know if I hadn’t done it, he would have kept hurting himself or someone or me.[…] I want to stay strong because I’ve got a good job and a lot of people are counting on me. (Bauer 3)
Even though Jenna is dealing with a lot of pain over her dad’s drinking problems and turning him in to the police, she is determined to get over it. At the same time, she is also trying to help her company change all of their problems and troubles. “[…] great trouble is visiting our company [Gladstone Shoes] and we’re going to get to the...