Ethical Issues in Management: Hiring

Ethical Issues in Management: Hiring
Members of management function in many different capacities. One of the most important roles and responsibilities is that of the hiring of new employees. When in the process of selecting people to hire, management looks for individuals that are qualified to do the job for which they are being hired. They also seek to hire individuals that will support the company’s vision and values. Throughout the entire process of hiring, members of management must take care to avoid any comments, actions, or decisions that could thought to be ethically questionable so as to avoid any legal troubles. In addition, organizations need to ensure that they are following all employment regulations set in place by government and have processes in place that are not thought to be ethically questionable and are in line with these regulations.
Ethical Issues
There are many moral and ethical issues that management has to deal with when hiring new employees and that is why the entire process of hiring new employees is not an easy one. One issue a manager may have to face when considering prospective employees is that of nepotism. Nepotism is “favoritism granted to relatives or friends, without regard to their merit” (Nepotism, 2010). In the case of a hiring manager, a nepotism-type conflict could arise if a person used his or her position of power or authority to influence the hiring process of a friend or relative.
There are many practical steps that a hiring manager can apply to avoid or resolve any issues with nepotism when in the hiring process. Some of these steps include: reviewing the company’s policies on nepotism and ensure that you follow them, work with your human resources department to resolve any issues, and not allowing rumors to thrive and encourage unjustified views of nepotism that could impact the organization in a negative manner. (Heinz, et al, 2006)
Federal Laws
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many...