Hiring of Temporary Workers

Hermina Williams

Hiring of Temporary Workers

Professor Ruizhen Hardin

Bus640 Managerial Economics

January 1, 2012

Hiring of Temporary Workers

A company should hire new workers to handle increased demand for products. This is so because hiring temporary workers reduces efficiency as a result of job instability. I have worked as a temporary employee at Raytheon since 2004 before becoming a permanent employee, and it was extremely difficult wondering each week if my job was going to continue or end. Employees are hardly guaranteed earning a basic pay at the end of the month and also fail to receive allowances accredited to permanent employees. This means that workers are less likely to take their work seriously due to the fear of losing their jobs anytime without consideration. At this rate, employees, tend to seek job opportunities elsewhere to sustain them. As a result, the workers may be unavailable when needed most to perform their duties at the company. Investments are made through allocation of a specific amount of money to be given out. The workers are released and given a chance to engage in other activities. It is also is a great method of saving for the company. This is also a motivation for the workers to realize that their hard work would be greatly rewarded upon completion of tasks. Their time is considerable consumed and they hardly feel denied because their expectations are low unlike those who are permanently employed.

Research Question

      What are the intricacies involved in hiring temporary workers in response to demand in the company? This research will be concerned with performing an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring temporary workers according to demand. In addition, it will consist of analysis of the job environment as a way of providing good working conditions for the employees.

Analysis of the managerial question, as well as an evaluation of opportunities and alternatives

The managerial...