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Seminar paper

Dr. Bill Gittens is the director of career development center. He has been working here at tsu for 24 years. He came and spoke with us about different topics that affect us as engineers in today’s society and some of the things we need to do to ensure that we are successful.
The first thing he talked about was different myths that are around about engineering. He explained that we have more in common with freshman at other colleges who are in engineering than any other major here on TSU’s campus. It is a big myth that in order to graduate from the engineering department, it will take over 4 years of college. This is false, there are different programs that offer engineering degrees in 4 years here at TSU. He explained that engineering isn’t for everybody and that half the students that were in the room that day will not want to pursue a career in engineering, and will decide to go another route. Nothing is wrong with this he said, but college is where you find out what you want to be in life, and some people have to make changes according to their strengths and weaknesses.
He then talked about how engineering is a supply and demand field. Engineers are always in high demand. They help run the basic foundations of most companies or organizations. We are the brains behind the operation. There are many different fields of engineering that are available that can offer you a job right out of college, because the demand is so high for engineers, and not to many people are wanting to become engineers these days.
We live in a post-industrial society. America is no longer leading the world in manufacturing. The majority of our products come from other countries. We live in the information age, we do not need as many labor workers as we did in past times. Today’s workforce consists of people who have an education and know how to do business. Engineers are perfect for the job. As time passes engineers are only going to be in more demand with fewer...