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Housing Options Action Plan
Miss Laiton Sharpe

Created: 25 Sep 2014


Telephone: 020 7525 5950

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Thank you for completing the Housing Option self-assessment. You can retrieve and update your details by visiting our website and entering your unique login reference and password. You will have been told your password when you first completed this, and your login reference is displayed below. Name: Miss Laiton Sharpe Login reference: 343643 Below are details of your personalised action plan. This outlines the details of the options which are likely to be relevant to you, and gives you information on what to do next.

Waiting time summary Option
Private Rented Social housing Overcrowded Additional support

Waiting time Details
Varies Varies Varies Varies

Next steps
Below are details of the options that may be suitable for you, with details of what to do next if you are interested in them.

Private Rented
As many people are unlikely to be assisted with council housing, renting privately offers you the opportunity to find a suitable home yourself that will meet your housing needs. You should be able to look for a home in any area you choose, not only within Southwark. Next step(s): • Use the links provided to contact local lettings agents or respond to adverts placed locally to find a property to rent in the private sector.

Social housing
Once you are registered you may bid for ONE property of your choice each week. The properties are offered to the applicant in the highest band with the earliest registration time in that band. This means that people in lower bands may wait a long time for an offer and some applicants may not ever receive an offer. Use our guidance table to work out how long you might have to wait before you receive an offer of accommodation. If it is likely to be a long time before you get an offer, you may have to consider other options. Next step(s): • Complete an on-line housing application on...