Yes Android


Proposed Thesis Title:

AGENTDROID: A Remote Locator and Data Backup System for Android Phones

Name of Proponents:

Semester / Academic Year:   3rd Trimester / 2015

Software Description:

The proponents have come to an idea to propose a system that would help the user by increasing the possibility of recovering the lost or stolen phone. Agent Droid is a remote locator and a data backup system for android phones. By backing up specific data in your phone such as SMS and Contacts it would be of big convenience for the users, since it won’t give them hassle in recovering them. The users won’t have to start all over again like getting their friends’ number again and save it. Also a new way of recovering or tracing a lost phone would be introduced not the usual thing users do like going again to the place where they think they lost their phones. Agent Droid would be improving the things we used to do when users face the lost/stolen phone scenarios.

Possible Beneficiaries:

Mobile user- locate stolen phone

Reason for Conducting the Study:

      When it comes to our everyday accessories and gadgets, the most common thing that we are holding with our hands is a mobile phone. Why is that? The reason is because among the rest of mobile accessories and gadgets that we use, mobile phones are the most important. Apart from these many gadgets, mobile phones have the most important features that others do not - a way to communicate with family and friends without the constricting feeling of a cord.

Importance of the Study:

      Mobile phones are created for the mobility and our convenience to talking to our loved ones or dear friends without standing firmly on the same spot. Mobile phones have also proved its worth in times of emergency. Such case is being trapped on an elevator, getting lost, calling for an ambulance, getting trapped in a burning building, or any case...