Brandon Anderson
Mr. Wolf
English 11
18 October 2013
The Case of the Dead Musician
Dear Inspectors Cole and Wolf,
On May 16, shortly before 7 pm, we arrived at a very disturbing and questionable scene. Hanging from a chandelier, two feet above a stool in a piano room in his home, was Mr. Karazai. The dead mans only son was the one who called the police. When the police arrived they took several pictures of the scene. The police noticed that Mr. Karazai was hanging from a cord taken from a set of drapes in the piano room. Also, they noted that there were several pieces of steel wire ripped from the piano. We believe Mr. Karazai's only son hung and killed him to get his wealth and everything he owned.
Firstly, a reason we think that the son is responsible for the death is that the stool underneath Mr. Karazai, was two feet below where his feet hung. When you are hung or committing suicide by hanging yourself, usually you would be on a stool and kick it out from under yourself or something like that. Being that Mr. Karazai was an old man, he would most likely be incapable of climbing up to get in the position he was left hanging. The only way this would happen is if the son put him up there and possibly put the stool under him to make it seem like a suicide situation. So, the son being responsible for the death of his dad, Mr. Karazai, is very possible based on that piece of evidence.
Left behind, presumably by Mr. Karazai, was a letter in his journal. Mr. Karazai was known to write in his journal everyday. The letter said, all of the things he had and all the wealth he has accumulated throughout his years, was to go to his only son. When people die, they more often than not leave a letter. We believe that this journal entry may have been written by Mr. Karazai's son. His son could have wrote the letter so that it made it seem as if his father wrote it. Also, we think he said all of his dads wealth was to go to him and he would have said that because he...