Good momentum of development in Guangzhou market, have given them increased confidence on the China market. Recently, Yakult Co., Ltd. International Department officials for the first time accepted the Guangzhou media.

"Yakult very emotional market in Guangzhou, Guangzhou is the Yakult into the first leg of the China market, but settled in the Guangzhou Development Zone is on the negotiation of a 5-year, the Guangzhou Development Zone, the most troubled in the negotiations enterprises. " However, Yakult enter the 5-year in Guangzhou have also received good returns, "the rapid development of the market in Guangzhou on the Chinese mainland market made us full of confidence after we entered the Shanghai, Beijing and other markets, we were not spoke too much, but the sight of customers in Guangzhou, we can not help but talk a lot.
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Made Cosmetic Journey full of thorns, affordable herbal medicine, whether by virtue of the admissibility of other brands of Chinese medicine and the international Cosmetics skin care products category slug, that depends on the driving force of capital and entrepreneurial wisdom.
Date of end markets to be more specifically more tight encirclement - the date, specialty stores, cosmetics - beauty salon industry
Day of franchise stores in the economic development in mind and there, to a certain extent, reflect the laws of economic development, but also reflecting on the development path of the terminal"Yakult Co., Ltd. Managing Director of the International Department of the United States Kawabata, Bo said with a smile.

Two brands each other horns Into China five years, Yakult, first invested 224 million yuan the company set up in Guangzhou, then additional Investment 73 million yuan. In 2006, Yakult funded 27.5 million yuan to establish Shanghai Yakult Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, according to the principle of local sales of local produce,...

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