What make a student can enhance their knowledge? This is what has explored in our educational trip. Our target company in this educational trip is Yakult Company. Yakult Company is one such an international player that locates their factory at Seremban, Malaysia. They could proudly claim that their reputation and products was in a high positioning in that particular field. Yakult Company has conducting their business in a responsible and ethical manner because they concerned with the health of the consumers.
A Yakult product was born by a Dr. Minoru Shirota in 1935 in Japan and Yakult has spread around the world, 32 countries and regions. Due to the high quality probiotics in the form of cultured milk drink, Yakult products could stand an important position in its sector and as the world Famous Probiotics products. Besides, In Japan, Yakult is acknowledged by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a "Food for Specified Health Usages" because they have done over 75 years of Research on their products. The philosophy of the Yakult Company is aim to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world through the pursuit of excellence in life science in general.
The purpose for us to have a trip with Yakult Company is to be seen how an international company takes the challenge and step up tall order as their main competitor-Vitagen has already existed in Malaysia longer than them. We have been given a health talks on their products and the speaker has showed us the procedure of making Yakult. We are able to view the whole production from lobby on the first floor through constructed glass wall. Yakult is made in the high technology equipments and few of the operators to monitor the progress in order to ensure the quality of the products are under control and also to avoid any unnecessary accidents occurred.
There are 2 products of Yakult are available in Malaysia, which are Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light. The differences between these two...

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