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LeAndo A. Thompson
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College Chemistry Prep.
Assignment 7
Acids, Bases & Salts

1. Classify the following compounds as acids, salts, acid salts or bases.

Mg (OH) 2 HCl NaHCO3 CaO


NaNO3 Cu3 (PO4)2 KOH FeSO4

HBr Al2 (SO3)3 ZnHPO3 HNO2

|Acids                           |Bases                           |Salts                           |Acid Salts                       |
|HCl                             |KOH                             |FeSo4                           |NaHCO3                           |
|HBr                             |CaO                             |NaNO3                           |LiHSO3                           |
|HNO2                             |Mg(OH) 2                         |ZnHPO3                           |Al2 (SO3)3                       |
|H2CO3                           |BaCO3                           |                                 |Cu3 (PO4)2                       |
|HNO3                             |                                 |                                 |                                 |

(16 marks)
2. Write differences between an acid and a base under the following headings:
    i) their behavior in water
        When acids are added to water, they dissociate to form hydrogen ions (H+). These hydrogen ions then interact with water molecules to form the hydronium ion (H3O+). In case of a base, the ion generated in an aqueous solution is the hydroxyl ion (OH-).

    ii) their properties
        Bases has a bitter taste, change red litmus blue, electrical conductors, slippery feel, neutralise acids.

        Acids have sour taste, turn blue litmus red, electrical conductors, corrode most metals, reacts with carbonates and bicarbonates and neutralises bases.
                                                  (6 marks)
3. Using equations or illustrations where ever possible explain the difference between the following...