Daddy Long Legs


Daddy-Long-Legs describes a growing up experience of an orphan, Judy, in the first person point of view and the form of letter writing. Although the heroine in Daddy-Long-Legs grows up in an asylum (the place which is mentioned in the novel), she still keeps a childish, kind and optimistic heart. Judy is optimistic with an inflexible will, tough character, struggling for the better life
In Daddy-Long-Legs there are 81 letters written by Judy to Daddy-Long-Legs during her four- years- university life. The letters record the growing up stories of Judy from an orphan in asylum to be a confident university graduate, and the magic love between her and Daddy-Long-Legs. Reading this wonderful novel, one can find that life needs magic while he himself is the biggest one.
This paper demonstrates the point that life needs magic while the biggest is 有yourself from three different aspects. The first part is to deal with the epistolary form of Daddy-Long-Legs, written in the first person point of view with 81 letters in total. Among these letters the shortest letter is just dozens of words while the longest letter is more than eleven pages. All of the 81 letters are written by Judy herself and we could not find any one letter written by others. The second part is about the function of imagination in Daddy-Long-Legs. There are many imaginations in Daddy-Long-Legs, which are wonderful and express Judy’s different emotions. These imaginations could be divided into three groups, which are optimistic, neutral and pessimistic. It could be found more concrete description and analysis of them. The last one is to analyze the strange relationship between Judy and Daddy-Long-legs. From the three aspects the paper shows why Daddy-Long-Legs can be seen as a “blog” of Judy’s growth and suggests that everyone himself is the biggest magic in his real life.