Course code: Y163 10F
              Tutor marked assignment 1

              Task 1 - How can the way we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

              Part A -Sketch out a plan for an essay to answer the above question

              |Mental Process   |Definition           |How it improves memory                   |Evidence to support this                         |
|Mental images   |A picture we form in |We can recall written/ verbal info if we |Raugh and Atkinson(1975)                         |
|                 |our thoughts         |create a mental image. Extra effort       |Key word technique- using mental images to learn |
|                 |                     |needed to create mental image, this helps|new language. E.g. ‘poubelle’. Exp- 2grps-both   |
|                 |                     |it fix into our memory.                   |given 60 Spanish words to learn. Exp grp- key     |
|                 |                     |Mnemonics-techniques to improve memory   |word technique & control grp weren’t. Both grps   |
|                 |                     |using mental images e.g. ‘arithmetic’     |tested. Exp grp recalled 88% & control grp 28%.   |
|                 |                     |spelling. Act as cues to prompt our       |Indicates mental images improve memory.           |
|                 |                     |memory.                                   |                                                 |
|Concepts         |Placing info into     |Act as cues to prompt our memory. If     |Bousfield(1953) exp. He asked p’s to learn 60     |
|                 |categories e.g.       |given a list of words to learn we only   |words which could be divided into 4 categories.   |
|                 |Animals. Giving       |recall a few, but if we are given a       |Although in a random order the p’s tended to     |
|                 |things defining       |heading it prompts us. The info is...